Connection. Passion. Aspiration. Actualization. Growth.

Working with JDG, LLC, you get both professional training and holistic mentorship. A twofold approach which helps extract inside you what makes you passionate, thereby increasing your chances for success. We will ascertain and cultivate your strengths so that even limitations become assets.


JDG, LLC has over 18 years in the learning and development space; training and improving teams of all sizes and types. We hold ourselves to a gold standard in performance consulting, as well as, in the planning and production of sales meetings/events to a wide variety of audiences. JDG, LLCs expertise encompasses effective management development, sales training, mentoring and executive coaching.


JDG, LLC provides game changing executive coaching, facilitation, and mentoring. We create appealing unique learning engagements where you and your employees will actually benefit from the training sessions! Our specialty is taking a seemingly mundane program and breathing life and energy into it. We also ensure adequate pull-through where the training event becomes a training experience.

"Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.”

— John F. Kennedy