Change the way you interact with everyone.

Executive Coaching

JDG, LLC provides game changing executive coaching that assists emerging leaders through the transition as well as aiding leaders in their existing roles.  The DISC and StrengthsFinder assessments are utilized for behavioral style discovery and strengths awareness.



JDG, LLC provides an engaging and approachable facilitator with experience in the coaching and development of others through skill based learning in order to positively impact their growth.


Sales Training

Skilled at training on strategic planning, winnable positioning, account profiling, competitive analysis, sales leadership, presentation and communication skills to name a few.

Meeting & Event Planning

Sales meetings are our specialty from assistance with agenda creation and meeting themes to the actual execution of the event. We have know-how in the implementation of national, regional/district/POA and sales leadership meetings.

Public Speaking

Looking for a captivating public speaker?  JDG, LLC provides keynote addresses, breakout sessions, not-for-profit events and motivational lectures.  Contact us today and discover our list of topic offerings.


Get a free Consultation

JDG, LLC is offering a free thirty-minute consultation. This one-on-one experience can help you gather insights about yourself, confidence to meet your goals, hone your communication skills, or overcome challenges you’re facing.

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"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”

— Benjamin Franklin